Prevention & Education

The first method of protection:
prevent it from happening!

1st Line

Inspection & Enforcement

The second method or protection:
make sure fire measures are in place.

2nd Line

Suppression &

The third and last method:
Call 911, ask for the fire department!

3rd Line

The Second line of defense: ENFORCEMENT

Fire Inspector & Fire Investigator

To become a fire inspector, you must complete certifications with OFM Academic Standards and Evaluation. Many fire inspectors also complete certification in fire investigation. Fire investigator have the training to determine fire cause and origin.

Fire inspectors are responsible to ensure that measures are in place for protect life, property and the environment. Powers of a fire inspector are greater than that of the provincial police. Fire inspector can issue fines=, close properties and enter without warrant (with cause or complaint).

Fire inspectors use the Ontario Fire Code to enforce the regulations of the FPPA.