Prevention & Education

The first method of protection:
prevent it from happening!

1st Line

Inspection & Enforcement

The second method or protection:
make sure fire measures are in place.

2nd Line

Suppression &

The third and last method:
Call 911, ask for the fire department!

3rd Line

The First line of defense: PREVENTION

According to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, Part II, Section 2(1)(a), Every municipality shall, (a) establish a program in the municipality which must include public education with respect to fire safety and certain components of fire prevention;

This law states that a fire prevention program is required for every municipality. Interesting, in section 2(1)(b), Every municipality shall: (b) provide such other fire protection services as it determines may be necessary in accordance with its needs and circumstances. This means that if it is "determined not to be necessary" that fire protection services (a fire department with fire suppression capabilities) does not need to exist.

Fire suppression services are limited, particularly in the northern regions on Ontario. This means that help is NOT on the way, let alone the lack of cellular service or 911.

Areas of prevention

Fire prevention programs are designed for various groups. A prevention program is typically created with several factors in mind, such as:

  • Language
  • Age
  • Geographical region
  • Ethnic background
  • Religious beliefs
  • Disabilities/accommodations

The role of the FPO includes public speaking, public education, fire department tours, media relations and much more. FPO's have many resources available from both the OFM and NFPA. Some FPO's are quite creative and make public service announcements (PSA) that are funny, emotional and hart-warming. Here are a few examples:

Fire Prevention Officer & Public Information Officer

To become a Fire Prevention Officer (FPO), you must complete certifications with OFM Academic Standards and Evaluation. Most FPO's also complete certification in Public Information Officer (PIO) and assume the role as public relations officer in their respected department.