Prevention & Education

The first method of protection:
prevent it from happening!

1st Line

Inspection & Enforcement

The second method or protection:
make sure fire measures are in place.

2nd Line

Suppression &

The third and last method:
Call 911, ask for the fire department!

3rd Line

The Third line of defense: SUPPRESSION

Despite the efforts of the FPO, PIO, and the Fire Inspector, fires and accidents still happen. The fire department doesn't just respond to fires. These days, the fire department to respond to all types of calls, including:

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Accidents (land, water & air)
  • Industrial Fires
  • Rescue (high-angle, water, land)
  • ...and much more

Firefighter & Training Officer

To become a Firefighter, you must complete certifications with OFM Academic Standards and Evaluation. There are several levels and area of certification that can obtained. These range from:

  • First-class firefighter
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Airport Firefighting
  • Wild & Wetland Firefighter
  • Military Firefighter
  • ...and more

Career & volunteer Firefighting

Full-time career firefighters and volunteer firefighters both train and certify to the same academic standards. These standards are set out by the OFM and recognized internationally by ProBoard. Visit the recruitment section for more information.